Introducing The Absolut Choir with Olly Alexander

Led by music icon Olly Alexander, Absolut is launching an all-new choir, raising the volume of inspiring change makers who together, can build a more inclusive world.

Singing a unique arrangement of ‘Shine’, The Absolut Choir puts a spotlight on some of the UK’s leading changemakers and their causes, including body positivity, disability awareness and equal rights.

ABSOLUT Vodka has launched THE ABSOLUT CHOIR, fronted by one of the world’s most trailblazing modern popstars Olly Alexander of Years & Years, to raise the voices of inspiring changemakers, pioneers and creatives across the UK.

Singing an entirely new version of his hit song Shine, Olly and The Absolut Choir aim to turn up the volume on a variety of causes and conversations, proving that when we mix we have the power to create a better, more open world.

Choirs are becoming vastly popular in the UK, with 2.8 million people part of a local choir to find confidence, make connections and build self-worth – but The Absolut Choir is the first to explore such diverse talent coming together for purpose, and a first for Olly Alexander.

ABSOLUT believe that whether it is drinks, ideas or people, life is better when we mix things up – we were all Born To Mix – so the ABSOLUT Choir sees individuals from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and passions, come together for the first time to prove that together they are louder and together, they can make people listen.

Better body representation in fashion and the media, policy change for trans rights, an end to marginalisation of disabled people and queer joy are all changes that The Absolut Choir wants to see. Together, the voices driving these important conversations can be louder.

Within The Absolut Choir are trans rights advocate Kenny Ethan Jones, disability champion Sian Lord, body positivity advocate Nyome Nicholas-Williams, Trans Voices Choir directors Coda Nicolaeff, ILĀ Sebastian and their members, and creatives from the Trans Creative Collective (TCC), who have all come together to sing, shout and champion causes including LGBTQIA+ rights, self-love, better disability awareness and body positivity.

Together, they will perform a never-heard-before new arrangement of Shine, whichhas beenremixed by Years & Years’ musical director’s, Kaizen Collective. The chart-topping hit single has been reimagined into a new, powerful, and progressive version, featuring multiple harmonies and new vocal arrangements, exclusively for the campaign.

ABSOLUT is offering its media spend, channels and social platforms to the people and their causes so their voices can be heard. The campaign sees ABSOLUT funding content, media partnerships and London billboards to support the individuals within it. Supporters of the campaign are encouraged to share the videos and take pictures of the billboards to help spread the important messages.

To celebrate the new project, Olly Alexander, who has two number one albums, is a BAFTA nominated actor and a writer; revealed yet another talent as he designed a limited-edition bottle wrap for ABSOLUT’s iconic bottle.  A limited number of bottles are now available to purchase online at with further bottles being released at your local convenience store in the new year.

Olly Alexander has also become a fearless, once-in-a-generation voice on important discussions around mental health, and issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and his time with The Absolut Choir saw him mixing with every member to understand what they believe in and what they want to achieve from this project.

Olly (he/him) said: “When ABSOLUT came to me with this project I instantly had so many ideas, from working with the TCC and Trans Voices to re-recording Shine, I wanted The ABSOLUT Choir to be entirely inclusive.  I have worked in this industry for a while and can genuinely say this has been one of the most diverse productions I have ever been involved in, from the crew to the people both in front of and behind the camera, it’s good to feel like things are changing. I’m so lucky to have a platform for my voice and I want to use it to put the spotlight on people and things that need to be heard. We are literally here to amplify people’s voices and I can’t wait to see what else is to come from these incredible people.”

For more information, visit to discover the stories behind the people involved in The ABSOLUT Choir.

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