Live Music

Hyper Personalisation in Live Music

Like it or not, mobile phones are and will continue to form an integral part of consumers’ live music experiences. From buying tickets and capturing content to be shared on social media platforms, through to the use of dedicated apps created by promoters to help navigate nights out, the mobile element is now a core part of a consumers experience in planning and attending gigs, DJ sets, and festivals.

However, this ingrained ‘mobile mindset’ presents multiple opportunities for data capture – and therefore the delivery of a highly-personalised experience – at every stage of a music event.

Whilst the idea of personalised experience isn’t anything especially new, the idea that personalisation can be delivered on a mass scale is. Modern festivals and gigs are turning to tech to give attendees more control during their experience, using technology as more than just a gimmick, but as a genuine vehicle to deliver a unique experience to each and every consumer. Utilising beacon technology and custom audio systems to allow festival-goers to personalise everything from content to sound, festivals are realising the need to not only entertain consumers, but to integrate them into the creative process as well.

To tap into these integrated customisation tactics to meet the growing demand for more collaborative entertainment experiences, brands should look to data capture, and how the procurement of data can be used to create personalised moments for consumers. Looking at the consumer’s music experience journey in its entirety – from the initial purchase of tickets, through to attending a music event, and every stage in between – presents multiple moments for consumer/brand engagement.

This could manifest itself in the delivery of personalised content before an event, for example, if a consumer tags a band they’re going to see that evening in a social post, a playlist suggesting songs they might enjoy, based on the band they’re about to see could be served to them. During an experience, location-based beacon technology could solve one of festival-goers biggest gripes; a massive queue at the bar. A simple check-in to a particular area of a festival would allow an alert to be delivered when the queue dies down. Personalisation can continue post-event, with the delivery of highly targeted content based on an individual’s social posts during an event, or allowing brands to tap into insights of how attendees experience an event, to inform the creation of future music experiences.


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