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The Absolut Choir

Change Needed

We needed to bring ABSOLUT back to the forefront of progressive culture.

So, we brought to life ABSOLUT’s believe that whether it is drinks, ideas or people, life is better when we mix things up – we were all Born To Mix.

The Idea

Led by music icon Olly Alexander, we launched the all-new Absolut choir, singing a never-heard-before arrangement of Shine, remixed by Years & Years’ musical directors, Kaizen Collective.

The Absolut Choir brought together change-makers from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and passions, to prove that together they are louder and can make people listen.

Headlined with a new arrangement of Year & Years’ Shine, the campaign included Absolut funding content, media partnerships and OOH London billboards to support the change-makers within it, launched with an exclusive live performance at Night Tales.

Change Made

1.4M views on campaign hero film

20.3M total social reach

545 talent social posts