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Absolut: Born to Mix

Change Needed

To drive cultural relevancy and brand fame for Absolut’s #BornToMix global platform, putting the brand back at the helm of UK mainstream culture.

The Idea

Just like their Vodka was originally crafted to be mixed, Absolut believe whether it’s drinks, ideas, or people, life is most interesting when we mix things up.

So we brought their global #BornToMix cultural programme to the UK, which will see unexpected and diverse creatives work together on a series of projects designed to drive conversation and progress.

To kickstart the programme we brought together a trio of unlikely fashion talent – Drag star Tayce, top celebrity designer Chet Lo, and the Next Gen metaverse Ateliers Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF). Who mixed together to create Second Skin Couture -a garment which aimed to challenge existing stereotypes and perceptions of fashion and provide a vision of the future – a world where what you wear isn’t tied to the binds of gender, seasonal trends, religious expression, or function.

Change Made

48M media reach

161 pieces of editorial and social content

1.4M views on hero film

13.4M social reach

5M editorial coverage reach