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Absolut: Swap Shop

Change Needed

Deliver a creative idea that anchors a new limited edition bottle in culture, with a clear, simple link to the Born To Mix ecosystem. Whilst driving fame and share of conversation.

The Idea

The unique woven-fabric design of Absolut’s latest limited edition derives from the ethos that when diverse people mix and connect, they can form a stronger bond and drive progress. This is the inspiration behind the Absolut Swap Shop.

Curated by three of fashions most influential changemakers – fashion stylist Harry Lambert, fair fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna and body positivity activist Nyome Nicholas-Williams – and bringing together their different perspectives on sustainable fashion, The Absolut Swap Shop aims to make a statement about best fashion practices and inspire sustainable behavioural change.

A place for mixing together people, pre-loved clothes and perspectives of fashion.

Change Made

15 pieces of earned coverage with 4 top tier titles

417 million earned PR reach

4 million social reach across talent and event attendees