Ballantine’s: Soundtrack of You


To celebrate the launch of the new Ballantine’s Finest bottle and support their ‘Stay True’ brand positioning, we created a music platform allowing consumers to develop a soundtrack to their lives – Soundtrack of You.


Building on the idea of ‘staying true’ we developed a digital campaign that celebrated the belief that the music we create, listen to and share is the ultimate expression of who we are. We asked people to share the songs that best represented their personality and life story. Ballantine’s Soundtrack of You was born.

We brought on board globally-renowned DJ Pete Tong and Argentinian DJ duo Heatbeat as our global ambassadors, producing video content as they shared the personal soundtracks of their lives.

After shooting our content in London and Buenos Aires, we set about building a platform where consumers could physically create and share their own personal soundtrack.

We created the Ballantine’s Soundtrack of You Facebook app with an added incentive to share and vote. People with the most popular playlists – as voted for solely by Facebook fans – won the chance to see Pete Tong and Heatbeat perform live at an exclusive, one-off event in Edinburgh, the home of Ballantine’s.


12 global markets activated Soundtrack of You (success was set at five markets)

12,000 unique users joined the Facebook app in a 6 week period

2,000 people created a soundtrack and over 7,000 votes were cast via the app

05:25 average app dwell time – well over our 2 minute target

Soundtrack of You film