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Ballantine’s True Music

Change Needed

How do you continue to increase value and emotional connection with a hugely successful partnership entering its 8th year – to create new-news, integrate an elevated brand purpose and drive impact for communities, artists and fans.

The Idea

Ballantine’s has partnered with Boiler Room for 8 years, in the process building an established and credible platform for the brand that is activated globally: True Music.

In 2021 the brief was to go bigger and better; baking Ballantine’s purpose of creating more inclusive music experiences into all activity, while ensuring we drive mass awareness and build emotional connection with fans.

What followed was True Music Studios – a global campaign, focused on moving local music culture forward, activated in 6 markets around the world, with diversity and inclusion imbued at the heart of all programming, production and planning.

Change Made

279 artists engaged in the True Music Studios campaign, with diverse programming – committed to be in line with local market ethnic and race census data

40+ inclusive experiences across 6 markets engaging 12-13k fans.

340M engaged views across all True Music Studios content

20% uplift in brand talkability

Brand love increased from 50% to 74%, achieving the objective of emotional connection

Ballantine's: True Music