Beko FC Barcelona: Pros Behind The Pros


How do we use Beko’s partnership with FC Barcelona to inspire kids, families and football fans to live healthier?


As the exclusive training partner of FC Barcelona, Beko has unique access to what goes on behind the scenes as the team prepares week in, week out for performing on the big stage

We worked together with Beko and FC Barcelona in a world-first to secure never-seen-before access to pre-season training to highlight how the hard-working backroom staff help the team prepare mentally and physically to perform on the pitch by living healthier lifestyles off it

In a four-part mini-series hosted on Beko and FC Barcelona’s global YouTube channels, we take a look at the nutrition, training, kit and the next generation of footballers that goes into preparing a team for success

Introducing… Pros Behind The Pros


38M reach on digital channels across all content (trailer + 4 episodes)

41.2M views across all content

33 markets activated (our highest in a sponsorship campaign)

1.4BN PR reach

+325K users lifted across four key markets

Chosen “one of the best partnership activations of the season” by FC Barcelona



Pros Behind The Pros Episode 1 "Fuelling Barça"

Pros Behind The Pros Episode 2 "Training Days"

Pros Behind The Pros Episode 3 "Dress for Success"