BNY Mellon Celebrity Boat Race


How do you raise the profile of the Cancer Research UK Boat Races, fundraise for the charity and highlight BNY Mellon and Newton Investment Management’s donation of their title rights to Cancer Research UK?


Create the world’s first Celebrity Boat Race, bringing 20 Olympians, Celebrities and Ex-Blues together and creating an event that delivered unprecedented branded coverage on the BBC and across social media in the months leading up to the Race and on Race Day


50 Pieces of coverage across print, online and broadcast amounting to over one billion impressions

20 Celebrities, Olympians and Ex-Blues who signed up and donated their time for the Celebrity Boat Race

£0 The amount of money each celebrity was paid to take part in the Race

5.5 Million people who tuned into the Celebrity Boat Race live on the BBC with branding prominent throughout

15 Minute BBC iPlayer special created to showcase the full Race highlights and training day

6.9 Million impressions of the campaign hashtag #PullTogether on social media

BNY Mellon Celebrity Boat Race gallery

Celebrity Boat Races 2017 Trailer