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Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup – The World’s Cup


We helped Coca-Cola make the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, ‘The World’s Cup’.


We invited global media to Rio to attend the launch of the biggest FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour™ of all time, giving us an opportunity to engage them on the upcoming campaign. Following the launch the trophy visited 90 countries, 50 of them new, on an epic 221-day tour.

With the support of global markets, we harnessed a moment in time to launch ‘The World’s Cup’ across the globe. A powerful TVC, accompanied by a series of poignant films and vibrant visual identity, was launched on a single day with markets supporting all activity. We secured several global media partnerships throughout the campaign to help us tell the story of ‘The World’s Cup’ to the world.

The campaign was underscored by ‘The World is Ours’ by David Correy – a song which travelled the globe, taking sounds of Brazil to the world and creating 32 local versions and a remix by Aloe Blacc along the way. Exclusives with Billboard and Music Week ensured that song became global news.

To keep momentum going in the lead up to the tournament, we held an exclusive event in New York City to immerse key media in all elements of the campaign. In doing so, we ensured that Coca-Cola was at the forefront of coverage heading into the tournament.

Ahead of the big kick-off, we unveiled the world’s largest ever Photomosaic® flag – The Happiness Flag – putting the faces of over 200,000 people from across the globe on the pitch of the Arena de Sao Paulo during the opening ceremony.


175 Markets activated ‘The World’s Cup’

5,485 Global media stories were secured throughout the campaign. Exclusives appeared in CNN, Billboard and Music Week, ensuring the story of ‘The World’s Cup’ was told far and wide

10.9 Billion PR impressions

15 Million YouTube views (TVC, WWHSN films, Anthem Refresh)

32 Localized versions of The World is Ours broke into the Top 20 in 51 countries

2 Billion Social media expressions