Heineken x Deadline Day

Change Needed

The brand challenge facing Heineken is not one of awareness, Heineken is one of the most recognised sponsors in football.

However Heineken do want to build stronger connections with new, younger audiences.

How can Heineken reach Gen Z audiences in an authentic way?

The Idea

We needed a culturally relevant partner to help us enter the space where younger fans consumer football – enter Fabrizio Romano.

A journalist who has built a huge social media covering all things transfer news related – he is the go to guy for all transfer announcements. He has also built a strong Twitch following, where 75% of it’s users being under the age of 34.

So we had found our credible way in to the fan conversation and signed Fabrizio Romano and created an epic 12-hour stream covering all the breaking transfer news across Europe.

Change Made

2.9M streams over the course of the two broadcasts

1.9M engagements across streams

#4 most viewed stream in January

37K impressions on Heineken social channels

160K tweets using the dedicated hashtag #HeinekenDeadlineDay