Heineken F1 x Max Verstappen

Change Needed

How can we launch Heineken’s newest 0.0 ambassador & partnership with ORBR to global media in a new and exciting way, to deliver Gen Z / Millennial consumer coverage in what is a typically corporate announcement?

The Idea

We launched Verstappen as Heineken’s new global 0.0 ambassador and teased his role in their new gaming initiative, ‘Player 0.0’, through a hero PR shot designed to land coverage in key lifestyle titles and push our wider campaign messaging

We hosted an internal shoot with the Heineken CEO, external hero PR shots for our EPK and a series of broadcast interviews, all designed to pique the interest of Gen Z.& Millennial fans of the sport.

Change Made

2.2BN total potential reach across the globe

850+ total pieces of coverage

1.9M video views on HNK x ORBR joint post

4/5 average key message pull-through