Sport / Experiential

Kia Clubhouse x Rafa Nadal

Change Needed

How can we create a lasting legacy ownable to Kia amongst the tennis community, that stretches beyond the Rafa Nadal partnership and inspires the next generation?

The Idea

The Kia Clubhouse: Melbourne.

A three-day experiential space, and experience that creates a legacy in Mebourne with rejuvenated tennis courts at a club that needed it most, whilst authentically integrating Rafa Nadal through his Rafa Nadal Foundation network

A space that inspires the next generation of tennis fans through movement, creativity and through tennis.

Change Made

1 surprise delight moment from Rafa himself

18 beneficiaries given a once-in-a-lifetime experience

2 bespoke murals by local artists to celebrate Rafa Nadal

44M post reach across 124 posts from Kia Clubhouse

60K engagements on owned, partner and earned channels

Kia Clubhouse: Melbourne