O2 Women’s Rugby World Cup

Change Needed

O2 wanted to rally support and awareness of the Red Roses ahead of the 2021 RWC. Driving fame for the no.1 team in the world that sports fans don’t know about.

The Idea

We set out to create a revolution in women’s rugby in England by making the Red Roses unmissable.

From setting the women’s sport agenda with the launch of our landmark partnership to driving mass awareness for the team through the first women’s sport documentary on ITV.

We gave the platform the Red Roses deserved which in turn elevated the O2 brand.

Change Made

Documentary launch
  • 1 First of its kind documentary launched to showcase the Red Roses
  • 600+ coverage pieces
  • 18M+ estimated social reach
  • 600,000+ viewed the 2-part documentary
  • 14,715 consumption hours on ITV Hub
Fan engagement
  • 1000 fans attended first Red Roses training session at Twickenham
  • 25,500 views of O2IL in New Zealand
Media and press
  • 100 media & influencers engaged with during WRWC campaign
  • 638,506 estimated social reach for RWC final media drop