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Reebok Classic at Coachella 2017


How do you make Reebok’s Classic Leather THE must have sneaker of the season in the USA and directly generate an uplift in sales


We placed the Classic Leather at the centre of the cultural agenda for talent, influencers, media and consumers, making it the most talked about shoe of Coachella 2017

A multi-day global media event was themed around three key pillars of the shoe- fashion, music and fitness- and each day was brought to life through a culturally relevant protagonist

Stylist to the stars Monica Rose hosted a fashion experience that positioned the Classic Leather as her must-have item. Creative icon Solange brought to life the convergence of fashion and music through a private performance followed by an open discussion around the notion of being a ‘Classic’ and actress and fitness enthusiast Nina Dobrev hosted a pre-festival fitness morning


15 hand-picked editors attended our 3 day experience, delivering 76 pieces of editorial coverage- an average of 5 pieces per title

158 social posts by our 15 editors across the 3 day experience, reaching an audience of 21 million

2.2 Billion reach of earned editorial coverage directly resulting from the activation

2,000 consumers seeded with product through strategic partnerships with Palm Springs’ coolest boutique hotels and Republic Records ‘Hydeaway’ retreat

18% sell-through rate at retail as a direct result of activations

Reebok Classic at Coachella 2017