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Reebok Crossfit Launch Event


To globally support the launch of Reebok and Crossfit’s partnership, we landed 18 ‘shipping containers’ in key countries around the world.


We created 18 bespoke shipping containers which cleverly transformed into mobile CrossFit boxes/gyms, driving the message that Reebok CrossFit can be done anywhere, at any time.

Landing our containers in iconic locations in key markets around the world -such as the top of the Empire State Building in New York and against the backdrop of Tower Bridge in London – we activated a series of local PR launches featuring relevant celebrities and CrossFit affiliates, generating both local and global buzz.


9 Global launches in 6 weeks – New York, Mexico, Delhi, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and Moscow

Each country ran a fully seamless and successful launch programme bringing in a taste of the local culture to each event

Reebok Crossfit Launch Event