Kia #TakeOn20


How could we support Rafa Nadal at the French Open during a global pandemic with his usual vocal support unable to attend?


We developed the platform #TakeOn20 to create a movement of support for Rafa as he took on his 20th Grand Slam whilst supporting those most affected by the impact of 2020 through the RN Foundation.

Fan messages of support were shared across Paris, and after Rafa achieved his 20th Grand Slam win we turned our attention to the RN Foundation with additional financial support and Q&A’s with Rafa to help tackle 2020 together


23M+ fans engaged Globally

1.1M views of content

2,444 mentions of #TakeOn20 through influencers, and user generated content

3,100 posters showcased across 145 sites in Paris

Search interest for Kia reached peak popularity (100) on the opening weekend

Rafa Nadal speaks to children from the Rafa Nadal Foundation